Category: Special products for motor vehicles

    SRPS H. Z2. 010, Tip III, hibridni
    SAE J 1034; BS 6580; ASTM D 3306
    BMW N 600 69.0; MAN 324-NF
    Chrysler MS-7170,MS-9769; Opel -QL 130100
    Porsche/Audi /Skoda/Seat -TL 774-C

FAM ANTIFRIZ is intended for the filling of closed and open cooling systems of the internal combustion engines. FAM ANTIFRIZ 40 is applied in delivered form, without dilution. Durability within the system is 3 years.

Density at 20 ºC (g/mL) 1.08
Reserve alkalinity ≥8
Freezing point (°C) -38
Freezing point 1:1 antifreeze/ water (°C) -
Packing 1L 5L 210g