Category: Special products for motor vehicles

    SRPS H. Z2. 010, Tip I, OAT; 
    WW(TL 774E/D G12+/G12)
    COMMINS (IS/N 14)
    WARTSILA (32-9011) MB(325.3)
    VOLVO (014GS 17009)
    MTU (MTI 5048); MAN (324 SNF); KOMATSU (07.892)
    GM (GM 6277M); FORD (WSS-M97B44-D)
    ASTM D 3306/4656; ASTM D 4985; JIS K 2234; SHE J 1034

FAM ANTIFRIZ LONG LIFE is intended for the filling of closed and open cooling systems of the internal combustion engines. ANTIFRIZ 100 LONG LIFE (G12 / G12+) - Antifreeze concentrate which is diluted up to the desired freezing point, prior to use. Durability within the system is up to 5 years.

Density at 20 ºC (g/mL) 1.12
Reserve alkalinity min 3
Freezing point (°C) -
Freezing point 1:1 antifreeze/ water (°C) -40
Packing 1L 4L 210kg