Category: Special food-grade lubricants

    DIN 51 502:KP 2N-20
    NSF-Registered, code H1,

White lubricating grease is used for the lubrication of machine assembly blocks in food industry and other industries, where physiologically harmless lubricant is the prerequisite, in case there is contact with food. It is extremely resistant to contact with weak alkali and acid solutions and rinsing effect of water.

Temperature interval of application: - 20°C to + 140°C , short-term up to + 160°C.

Base Al complex soap, white mineral oil
Consistency NLGI 2
Dropping point (ºC) min 240
EMCOR test, degree 0/0
Packing 0.4kg 0.8kg 20kg eurocartridge 0,4kg