Category: Water-miscible products

    UIC 842
    FAM IS 07 029

Product intended for the vehicle protection from noise and vibrations. It is used in the production of motorway vehicles and agricultural machines. It is good thermal insulating product. It does not burn.

Density at 20 ºC (g/mL) 1.400
Dynamic viscosity at 23 ºC (mPa s) 50.000-60.000
Sadržaj neisparljivih materija (%) >60
Anticorrosion protection - salt chamber (h) >8
Packing 17kg



Category: Water-miscible products

    FAM IS 07 021

Product is intended for the protection of copper and alloys from atmospheric influences in the period of storage and transportation. It can also be applied for the protection of galvanized sheet metal and other non-ferrous metals. It is particularly suitable for the protection of semifinished articles in the copper wire production.

Density at 20 ºC (g/mL) 1.020
Dynamic viscosity at 23 ºC (mPa s) -
Sadržaj neisparljivih materija (%) >23
pH-value >8.5
Packing 20kg 180kg