Our products

Oils and liquids for engines and motor vehicles

Engine oils for: passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, diesel locomotives, marine engines, two-stroke engines, four-stroke engines, lawnmowers, transmissions and differentials, automatic transmissions, tractor engine, transmission and hydraulics.

Industrial oils and oils for food industry

Circulating oils, hydraulic fluids, gear oils, turbine oils, oils for industrial gas engines, air compressor oils, refrigeration compressor oils, motor saw chain oils, slideway oils, heat transfer oils, hydraulic oils for food industry...

Lubricating greases and special products

Calcium, lithium, lithium-calcium, aluminum and sodium greases. Special lubricants for: long-term lubrication, gears, steel ropes, low and high temperatures, glass molds, constant-velocity joints, manual tool reducers, lubrication of chains and valves of hot water pipes, gas pipelines and oil pipelines, food industry...

Metalworking products

Metalworking fluids (mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic, active and inactive), products for processing by plastic deformation (drawing of sheet metal, copper, aluminum, cold and hot forging), products for electric-erosion processing, products for thermal processing, products for construction industry, products for system disinfection, cleaning and maintenance.

Temporary corrosion protectives

Anti-corrosion oils, products with volatile solvents (film type: oily, soft, solid, flexible, transparent), products for the application of grease liquid melt, water-miscible products...

Degreasing and cleaning

Alkaline cleaners and degreasers, neutral cleaners and degreasers, acid cleaners and degreasers solvent-based cleaners and degreasers.

Anaerobic sealant

High hardness anaerobic sealants, medium hardness anaerobic sealants, low hardness anaerobic sealant, two-component adhesive.

Additives and emulsifiers

Disinfectants, non-ionogenic tensides (liquid), non-ionogenic tensides (solid), amphoteric tensides.